In the world where everyone can easily mingle with anyone not minding the race, distance, language and all that. Some still find it difficult to engage in distant relationship while others see distant relationship as their best…

Some persons in a proximate relationship are trying so hard to make their relationships work or pull through considering the turbulence and work that comes with making a dating relationship work… others are still engaging in distance relationship.

So we decided, to ask few persons their opinions on distance relationship. Here are their contributions. You can also be a part of the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comment below

Is Distance relationship for you… what is your take on distance relationship?

We are about to find out


 It depends on the people involved. some people get bored with one on one relationship because  it becomes an every time seeing while  others are cool with long distance affections and find time to study the other person well without the emotional attachment of seeing the person daily

Distance relationship helps you to have an abstract view of the person, you can build your partner’s personality through your conversation with him or her. 

So when you both finally get to be together, you can have a better judgment about yourselves. It helps more because you will get to teach yourself if truly your partner keeps to his or her words. Long distance relationship has it positive and negative sides though, you build it with trust, effective communication, Emotional feelings. Long distance relationship also help u to get a cognitive ability of your partner

For me, I’ve built a thousand pictures about her in my head right now and it will keep growing till she comes. I will love her more throughout her stay because every time matters.


It depends on the form. Sometimes you meet a guy physically and later you guys become distance maybe one person has to travel or so. Sometimes you guys meet on a platform and start a relationship without seeing each other, maybe communicate with only picture and calls/ video etc.

Distance relationship has its advantages and disadvantages. But then it depends on how true the feelings for each other is. If the parties involved are real then distance relationship is sweet, the only problem or good thing is no intimacy. But these days people do cyber-sex etc. and other related matters

To some abstinence is a problem and to others it’s a good thing, following Christian principles of no sex before marriage. Intimacy to some like Proximity and physical meeting so in distance relationship, no accessibility to each other, e.g. you can’t get sick and he or she comes down to take care of you, no outings, everything is done on air.

You may not truly study each other because you cannot see what the other person is doing. You have to really develop trust and imaginative power to a great extent. You have to learn how to manage your congi feelings.

I have dated a Filipina who lives and works in Hong Kong, I have dated a Lady who stays in the East we never met only met briefly before she went to India to study. I also have dated a Cameroon born Nigeria who I never saw too until her company sent her to Nigeria to open a branch and train people.

I am a distance relationship expert per se. I have done more of distance relationship or semi distance relationship and I sustained the relationship Through Effective communication.

Whether or not I enjoy distance relationship, it is relative….. Am good with both…  Distance or close.


In any relationship communication and love is essential, he shouldn’t just notice the outer beauty but also the inner beauty. If he has not talked about your inner beauty then ask him what he wants

Why he think you are the right person, his long term goals and short term goals.

In every relationship you must

(1) Stay honest with each other.

(2) Give each other pet names.

(3) stay positive. You need to constantly inject positive energy into the long distance relationship to keep it alive. Yes, the waiting can be painful and you can sometimes feel lonely but you need to remind yourself that the fruits at the end will be sweet as heaven.

One good trick to staying positive is to be grateful all the time. Be thankful that you have someone to love — someone who also loves you back. Be thankful for the little things, like the hand-written letter that arrived safely in your mailbox the other day. Be thankful for each other’s health and safety.

And if at the end, it was not what you envisioned, you should see it as a lesson note for a next relationship.

So yes, I encourage distance relationship. Yes, if it’s what it.


It’s good but not for couples planning to marry or already married.

It’s good for couples that have a defined relationship. You have to take jealousy out and enjoy it. It will never work for intending couples or married couples.


The advantage there is that it helps you, abstain from premarital sex.


Distance Relationship is an intimate relationship between partners who are geographically separated from one another, they lack face to face contact.  Considering, I’m currently in one, I think they can work just like any other relationship.  It can work in this three ways, trust, commitment and proper communication but most importantly you must trust each other, why I said that you must trust each other is because many issues can result since you can never really see or know what the person is doing and this can sometimes create anxiety so what you have to do is to just trust your partner wholeheartedly and also trust yourself.

 Commitment is very important in DR you must know that being committed is one of the things that will make distance relationship work out, without commitment it cannot work out. Proper communication is essential to long distance relationship, on this aspect you have date hours where you eat and watch movies together, you pretend that the other is there with you, plan your future, sing, laugh, and tell stories I bet you the relationship will be strong more than some close  relationship


Well firstly I personally don’t subscribe to distance relationship due to the fact that there are some emotional and romantic need that sometimes the body craves for but it’s never met

Secondly distant relationship makes both individual in the relationship very susceptible to temptation and even falling into the temptation

Lastly trust between spouse is minimal, they always doubt and have negative thoughts of each other cheating or so because they hardly or never seen each other.  

That’s my take


My idea on relationship and faithfulness has really changed and if I go ahead with certain views it will cause more arguments.  No matter how you see it, Even if it’s for a day, it’s a relationship and how far it goes also depends on each of the parties involved.

I HAVE A FRIEND WHO WAS INVOLVED IN a distance relationship, he even went ahead for introduction  of the lady here in Nigeria with his parents, but the woman ended up changing….guess she wanted more

Out of sight is definitely out of mind. So for it to work you will have to just focus on your partner and less on other people’s ideas. For me, a person that has had sex before…In a long distance relationship, he or she will cheat ooooo.

The truth is that no matter how much the love is, if someone starts showing you crazy attention and care and if you are not mature enough to handle it, you will think otherwise and question your relationship.  Nothing can substitute his or her presence and touch.  No matter the video calls and so on, you just need your partner to be there sometimes. Your partner can be true to a path, but he or she can’t assure you that he or she won’t make mistakes knowingly

But the question is not if long distance relationship is a possibility, because it is, the question is what its success rate is. You need trust and discipline to make it work, not really love and that’s hard work and should be able to look above something. Hence maturity comes to play.                          


Relationship is for mature minds.  At times, distance relationship don’t end well but it sometimes it works for the both person.

  The world is a global village where you do video calls which appears to you as seeing your partner every day.

 I don’t really advise distance relationship, why, because you don’t really know if the other partner is still having you in mind or not. In a distance relationship, there will be lots of cheating except both parties are discipline.


My take on distance relationship is of two ways. Distance relationship is not bad if it’s with a childhood friend, who both of you have known each other from childhood and have built friendship for years.  He or she knows your strength and weakness, your likes and dislikes, both of you have shared your feelings, your hurt and your joys.

Unlike someone you just met, who you have not really known. Such relationship is not easy except both are acting on God’s will and instructions. Such relationship shouldn’t stay too long


You cannot start distance relationship when you have not been with the person for a period of time.

You have to be with the person for some time so that if by any reason he or she leaves the locality that you guys met, it won’t be much of a problem to any of you. Not starting it without seeing the person physically or having one on one conversation with the person because there are some character you or the person might know of in the course of your distance relationship.

 So you, what’s your take on distant Relationship

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